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Need a New Look?

October 1st, 2010

demoS&H Systems can help you freshen up your image, just as we have done with our website. Looks expensive, but really isn't. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to keep costs down and returns up! Call us at (954) 426-9796!



Tablets Making a Comeback!

August 16st, 2013

demoThe move toward "mobility" continues as new iPad products and Android tablets are released almost weekly!  Tablet PC's, once selling at a disappointing rate, are surging in popularity! Windows 8 has a new revision that makes transition to the new user interface easier. Learn the powerful new version of Windows now! Need a new PC, laptop or tablet? We can get you one! Contact us today to discuss what will work the best for you!


Cyber-threat to Infastructure is real...

June 1, 2013 From CNET

demo(Click the check mark to read the entire story.)


U.S. and China to hold high level talks on Cyberspying

China and the U.S. have agreed to hold regular, high-level talks on cyberespionage, according to a report.

The talks will focus on the theft of U.S. intellectual property and will kick off in July as part of the yearly "Strategic and Economic Dialogue" between China and the U.S., which covers a varied slate of issues, The New York Times reported late Saturday. A new working group will also meet more often, the Times reported -- referring, perhaps, to the working group mentioned by Secretary of State John Kerry in April.

The Times quotes "a senior American official involved in the negotiations to hold regular meetings": Cyberespionage, the official said, "is a serious issue that cannot simply be swatted away with talking points," and in regard to the focus on intellectual-property theft, the official said, "our concerns are not limited to that, but that's what needs urgent attention."



Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I install my new USB connected printer?
  2. Where can I find information about sharing my printer or scanner?
  3. Why doesn't the file I received open when I click it?
  4. Who handles warranty claims?
  5. What antivirus will protect me from all threats?
  6. When is the best time to upgrade my systems?

How do I install my new USB connected printer?

  • The exact instructions vary by manufacturer, but almost all of them instruct you to leave the new printer UNCONNECTED until after you load the included software and drivers from a CD/DVD they have included in your new product's box. For detailed assistance, we offer on-site and (for established customers) remote assistance.
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Where can I find information about sharing my printer or scanner?

  • Sharing a printer or scanner is controlled by the operating system of your computer as a rule. If you use the Help and Support function of Windows (found from the "Start" button) you can begin there. Remember that depending on how your network is configured, you may need help with "permissions" to use and share printers. We offer support for device sharing as part of our services.
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Why doesn't the file I received open when I click it?

  • In concept, files are opened on your computer by programs. Generally, specific files open with specific programs. For instance, Word documents (files ending with ".doc" or ".docx") are opened with the Word program normally. Those same files may also open with other similar programs, but it is not guaranteed. Files that are "PDF" files open with Adobe Reader or Acrobat, or PDFill (an example of multiple programs that can open a file). Video files may have many different programs available to open them. If you click on a file and it doesn't open as expected, you may need the correct program installed on your computer, or it may simply be a "file association" setting that needs updating. Keep in mind that sometimes several programs may be on your computer that can open that type of file, and you can decide which will open it by default. Setting this "association" of a file type to the program you prefer is a service we offer our clients.
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Who handles warranty claims?

  • Deciding which manufacturer has responsibility for a problem under warranty can be complex. Buying a complete system from a single source simplifies this. If you purchase a system from our company, we will provide guidance to the proper contact for warranty service at no additional charge. Most of our hardware products can be purchased with extended warranty coverage. If you wish, we are available to provide additional services on warranty claims to allow you and your employees to avoid spending time handling them. We will be happy to answer your questions about warranty service, call us!
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What antivirus will protect me from all threats?

  • The truth is current technology cannot protect you from every threat, every time. Reputable products, like the AVAST products we sell, will stop most threats if you do your part. Security products are generally reacting to threats, meaning that each new version of malware is discovered after it has infected a machine, then the "signature" is identified, then you get detection and protection. Several techniques are used to divine new threats, but just like filters for unwanted email, they sometimes give a "false positive" on non-threatening files. Your part in the security of your system is to be a bit suspicious. If you keep your system updated with security updates for the operating system and programs, ignore emails with links to investigate monetary questions, and avoid allowing unknown websites to run programs on your PC, you will be generally safe. If you receive an email that contains a link to your bank or credit card company for instance, do not use the link in the email. Instead, close the email and use your internet browser to go to the site in question, the way you always do, then investigate if there really is an issue. If a window "pops up" informing you that "multiple virus threats have been detected on your PC and you should let it do a scan by clicking here", exit the browser completely and open your own security software to scan your system. Following those two examples would eliminate a huge percentage of malware infections. And if you don't have good, current security software, click on our AVAST link to download and install one of the best!
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When is the best time to upgrade my systems?

  • Upgrading your systems can be based on the productivity of the user(s). Often we see operators waiting on slow and outdated computers, wasting time. Certainly the employee costs far exceed the replacement cost of the computer. Software is often upgraded, and many times these upgrades place more demands on the hardware. Example: A computer that was quite servicable with version 9.4 of your accounting application might be dreadfully slow and inadequet with the new version 9.5. Sometimes in-place upgrades, like adding memory, can be all that is needed. It pays to look at it with our help.
  •  Assuming that economics permit, often times a "slow" period is an excellent time to upgrade servers and computer workstation because it minimizes disruption of the work flow. Planned upgrades also are easier to implement than "emergency" upgrades (for instance where a computer fails) because there is no down time or special freight when acquiring the new equipment. Further, when a computer fails there is always the chance that settings or data may be lost. "An ounce of prevention..."
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